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Bilbao - 20 March 2019
St George's English school in Bilbao -

Dear family:

On behalf of the new Senior Management Team, I´d like to welcome you all to the new academic year 2018/2019.  We look forward and are very enthusiastic to working with our students.

After more than 60 years of history, St George's English School in Bilbao has acquired prestige and recognition and a distinct style based on values, discipline and hard work, all in a safe, natural environment, with great teaching staff and highly motivated students.


Building on these solid foundations, this year we begin a new project.  We are going to reinforce the fundamental values ​​of the school with new initiatives geared towards the continuous improvement of the integral formation of our students.


English, as the vehicular language of the school, is a fundamental value that widens our students´ international education. They have demonstrated excellent results in the Cambridge Exams, as well as in the Spanish University Admissions Tests, in the IGCSEs and the French exams (DELF).


One of our main goals is to strengthen the British Curriculum in Early Years and in Primary Education, motivated by the excellent evaluation report by the British Council inspection carried out last academic year. In this line of improvement, this year we are also increasing the number of lessons taught in English in Secondary and Baccalaureate.  We will continue with new IT implementations with the ultimate goal of transforming the school into an Apple Distinguished School.


Teaching and learning nowadays means that the student is the main protagonist and the teacher is the guide, the leader in this wonderful discovery of the world and in the development of skills and abilities. Creativity through music, physical education, sports, arts and crafts, together with other core subjects, develops student’s skills and competencies for the 21st century. The school promotes entrepreneurship and critical thinking, emotional and social education, through active policies of integration and prevention of the risks faced by children in the new globalized and interconnected world.


As a means of improving their interaction and participation with other international students, NACE Schools provides our pupils with the opportunity to travel abroad and take part in sports, cultural and academic events.  Events such as, NACEMUN, Academic Olympics, summer in Stonar, among others, allows us to share experiences with other students within the educational group.


I want to wish you a very happy and rewarding 2018/2019 academic school year.   Should you have any question or doubts, please feel free to contact me or any other member of the Senior Management Team and Teaching Staff of this wonderful school.


Kindest Regards,


Juan Martorell