St George's English School Bilbao
St George's English School Bilbao
St George's English School Bilbao
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Bilbao - 20 March 2019
Our History

John Augustin FranksSt. George’s was founded in 1956 by John Augustin Franks, a man with an adventurous spirit, a pioneer who arrived in Bilbao from Great Britain in 1930. His professional career involved teaching English at the British Institute of Bilbao to the people of Bizkaia. He was an immensely popular and respected figure in the English-teaching world of his time, and his services to Britain were acknowledged through his being awarded an OBE by Queen Elizabeth II. St. George’s first opened its doors on 26th January 1956, at 11, Zabalbide St. in Bilbao. There were 6 pupils. From the first, St. George's students were distinguished for their correct manners, bearing and politeness.

With the financial backing of most of the families with children at that time attending the school, St. George’s moved to Lejona, just outside Bilbao, in 1967, and the school has been based here ever since.

GatesFrom its inception, the school has based its educational philosophy on two essential elements: on the one hand, the integrated development of students as human beings pursuing an education in values. At the same time, school gives special prominence to English language and culture, as emphasised by its denomination as an ‘English School’. Over the years, there have been many changes in the St. George's infrastructure and pedagogic methodologies and resources that form the School boysbasis of the teaching of the different subjects taught at the school. Our ultimate aim has always been to collaborate with parents so that our students become mature adults with a sense of values and integrity who will be adequately prepared to become successfully integrated in the society in which they will live. For this reason, the school has always developed in accordance with the changing aspects of society in order to ensure that we can respond to the new social needs that emerge.

Through the years,the spirit,the dream, that first led to the creation of the school has remained firm and unshakeable.