St George's English School Bilbao
St George's English School Bilbao
St George's English School Bilbao
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Bilbao - 20 March 2019
Educational Community

St. George´s is a community formed by a number of different groups, who work together in the pursuit of a common educational aim: the shaping of “World Citizens”, competent men and women who participate actively in the society in which they live, and who are the architects of their own success.

Who undertake management of the school and define the principles that constitute the school´s educational philosophy and curriculum, whilst working to maintain their continuity and faithful adherence to them

The school´s teachers are responsible for putting into practice the basic principles on which the school is founded. Through a committed vocation to education and continual development on their professional skills, the teachers ensure the provision of a solid an modern education of the highest quality. The teaching system enshrines an active and personalised approach to learnig.

We have a staff of over 45 teachers

They are the main figures responsible for the education of their children, and St. George´s considers itself to be working in co-operation with them, and not as substitutes for family education activity. In view of this, good communication between parents and the institution educating their children is essential.

At St George, we do all we can to ensure that channels of communication are open, so that both parents and teachers are always aware of the current situation and development of the students.

The school seeks to make students aware that they are the central protagonists in their own education and under careful and caring guidance, they should be encouraged to take responsibility for the process of their education. 

The school has a team of professionals responsible for administrative work, the maintenance of the different school facilities, catering, surveillance and school safety and transport. All committed to ensuring the smooth running of St. George´s