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St George's English School Bilbao
St George's English School Bilbao
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Bilbao - 20 March 2019
Attention and Guidance

St George’s was conceived with the aim of being both flexible and maintaining a family atmosphere. There are approximately 400 pupils at the school, so everyone knows each other, and this makes for closer and more direct relationships. Pupils are not anonymous and, as result, the school is better able to provide very supportive guidance to students and their families both on academic matters as well as on areas related to the social and psychological aspects of students development.

The reduced number of students per class at such critical and problematic age as adolescence allows for more personalised attention. In such small classes, nothing goes unnoticed, and levels of attention and academic achievement are bound to be necessarily higher. We sincerely believe that the key to academic success enjoyed by St George’s pupils is due both to the greater number of class hours and to class size.

There are very few cases of academic failure at school, and we are proud to say that the vast majority of our pupils are accepted on the further education courses that they have established their goal while at the school.