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Bilbao - 20 March 2019


The teaching of music as a fundamental element in the education of students begins with the first contact a child has with school through sound, rhythm and corporal expression during the period o f infant education with the learning of the basic concepts and the develpoment of the psycho motor system.

In the first stages of primary these concepts are amplified relating directly to instruments and through this developing the small psycho motor system 

The ear,sight,touch,breathing,control of movement all bring into play both the right and left cerebral lobes creating a dynamic that will interact in all fields of the learning process.

Second phase of primary :Relating musical knowledge with the areas of language, mathematics,religion ,art- that in the step to secondary brings us close to history through musical history ,it´s periods and composers ,it´s styles and movements.




All children work and play with music but some discover that through instruments and through play they are transformed into essential experiences which captivate and develop their sense of self, gain security as transmitted by the group, when playing together, which in turn generates order,discipline and respect towards others and constant attention.

Instrument tuition is optional and outwith the school timetable, that is during breaks.This can begin as early as first year of primary and the offer is widespread...

Violin, flute, choir, guitar, piano. Singular instruments and music reading, polyphony and orchestra.

For this function it is essential the ability to read music which all students have to do as well as instruments and from primary four on, a combination of both is possible. For those who have a suitable level the group work is, of course, orchestra.

All students of piano have to do polyphony as group work

Only in Baccalaureate when musical knowledge is assured can the instrument be studied exclusively