Classrooms and Laboratories

At St. George’s English School our classrooms are spacious, modern and light, and are suitable for all types of group, individual, project work or whole-class teaching. They are equipped to meet all our students’ needs at each stage of their educational journey, and a large proportion of our students’ daily activities take place in these areas.


Classrooms are spacious and bright and are designated for specific subjects, fully equipped according to the age of the children using the classroom and the types of activities taking place. There are areas with facilities appropriate for our youngest children, from the age of 2, right up to classrooms and laboratories equipped with everything that our final year students need to complete their education, aged 18.



At St. George’s English School, we believe that, to give them a better understanding of how the world really works, students learn best through hands-on activities. For this reason, we prioritise practical and interactive tasks whereby students can put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in class. Our laboratories are equipped with specific materials and instruments that facilitate the study of science and stimulate the students’ interest.



In our library, students learn the importance of concentration and silent study, which are vital skills for them to acquire and use in both their academic and their everyday lives. Working in the library also helps students to develop all-important research methods and learn how to seek information independently.


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