Education Talk: Building Better Brains

As everybody knows, the brain is an organ that responds to stimuli. Neuroscience points out that an enriched environment can help better brain development. However, what does this statement mean? How can we respond to these stimuli that are so necessary for a better brain development of our children? In this talk, Álvaro Bilbao dissects the knowledge that neuroscience makes available to us to help parents develop their children’s brain potential.

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Thursday, 25th February, 7 PM

With this talk, parents and educators will be able to interiorize clear and useful ideas about the functioning and development of the brain in children. What tools are necessary for a complete intellectual and emotional education? What are the black points in the management of the child’s brain? What are the key areas of their emotional development? What strategies can we implement to enhance them?

Álvaro Bilbao

Álvaro Bilbao is a Doctor of Psychology, Neuropsychologist and father of three children. Trained at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and in the Kennedy Krieger Institute, he has collaborated with the World Health Organization and his research has earned him several awards in the field of psychology and neuroscience. An expert in brain plasticity, he works every day applying his knowledge of the brain in the intellectual rehabilitation of people with brain damage, and also as a psychotherapist. In his courses and conferences for parents he argues that a basic knowledge of the child’s brain can greatly help to make the relationship between parents and children deeper and more satisfactory.


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