Extracurricular Activities

St. George’s English School offers an extensive extracurricular programme that offers students the opportunity to develop skills that complement those they acquire within the mainstream curriculum. Students continue learning in a fun and relaxed environment, participating in a wide range of sporting, musical, artistic, technological and linguistic activities such as Skating, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Dance, Boxing, Technology in English, Musical expression, Theatre in English and much more.

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Sporting and physical activity helps students to develop coordination and motor skills whilst promoting fundamental values ​​such as respect, self-esteem, companionship and teamwork. Here is a selection of the wide range of activities that are on offer:

  • Skating
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis

Technological Activities

These activities are taught in English and are designed to encourage students to develop strategies to put their scientific and technical skills into practice and to learn how to use new technologies. In TechnoSchools, students build and program educational robots (WeDo and Mindstorms). The Greenpower UK Project, enables pupils to design and manufacture their own electric car, whilst raising their awareness of environmental and technological issues.


Artistic and Musical Activities

At St. George’s English School, we offer students of all ages a wide range of artistic and musical activities designed to enhance their creative skills and to encourage them to develop their artistic expression and sensitivity. Activities include Theatre in English, Vocal and Auditory training, Music Theory, Instrumental classes, Orchestra, Instrumental Ensemble and Dance.



In addition to activities in English, such as Theatre or technological proposals, St. George’s English School offers the possibility of studying Chinese as an extracurricular subject from Reception to the Secondary stage. A language with more than a billion speakers in the world that is becoming increasingly important.


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