International Events

The NACE Schools group comprises more than 50 schools located throughout 9 different countries. As a member of the NACE group, at St. George’s English School we can offer our students unique opportunities to participate in international events and a gateway to global readiness. Over the course of each academic year, NACE organises a variety of multicultural events and unique international learning experiences. These give our students a truly global outlook and are invaluable in preparing our students for the ever-evolving society in which we live.

These events are of paramount importance in terms of preparing our students for an international future and helping them to develop a universal and open-minded outlook on the world. They lay the foundations for greater academic and professional mobility and give our students a better understanding of the global problems of our day. Thanks to the participation of schools from around the world, our students enjoy a unique, international experience and the opportunity to improve their language skills whilst forging friendships with students from other countries.

The NACE Schools Group organise the following international events:

  • NACE Model United Nations: a simulation of United Nations conferences in which pupils become country delegates and debate current global affairs in English.
  • NACE Academic Olympiad: science, maths, IT and linguistic tournaments during which students from different NACE schools compete in a friendly, international and multi-lingual context.
  • NACE International Music Festival: a week-long festival during which students can display their musical talent and share their passion for music.
  • NACE Olympic Games: a sporting competition involving a wide range of sports including football, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming and athletics.
  • NACE Arts Competition: a multi-disciplinary arts event which allows pupils to share their creativity and artistic expression through a variety of mediums.

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