Our Mission and Core Principles

The educational programme at St. George’s English School Bilbao is based upon five core principles, four of which are common to all Globeducate schools: Educational Excellence, Global Readiness, Co-curricular Enrichment and a Values-based education. At St. George’s, there is a fifth value that is key to our educational vision; the British Curriculum. Using these core principles as the foundation that underpins all our work, our objective is to prepare every student for personal and professional success in an increasingly globalised world.

Common to all Globeducate is our first core value: Educational Excellence. To achieve this fundamental goal, we help our students to identify and develop their individual talents and abilities, using innovative teaching techniques and personalised learning programmes. Our highly-qualified teaching, management and support teams work every day to ensure that our students acquire the tools that they need to develop their personal skills and talents, and achieve their maximum potential. At St. George’s we provide all the resources, teaching expertise, technologies and facilities required to ensure that the needs of every student are fully met.

Our second core principle is Global Readiness. We provide a bilingual education with linguistic immersion in English, in conjunction with opportunities for our students to attain internationally recognised language qualifications. As a member of the Globeducate group, students at St. George’s are invited to participate in the numerous international events, activities, exchanges and overseas stays organised by the Globeducate group, enabling them to share their skills, practise their English and make lifelong friends with students from other Globeducate schools from around the world.

Our third core principle is Co-curricular Enrichment. We go beyond the requirements of a traditional academic curriculum and look to impart knowledge, skills and understanding in areas such as music, sport and the creative arts. These subjects play a key role in our students’ all-round education providing enormous cognitive benefits, developing creativity, insight and sensitivity, and encouraging intrinsic traits such as self-esteem, commitment, respect, team work and good study habits.

Our fourth core principle is a Values-based Education. Teaching and learning at St. George’s is built upon a foundation of essentially Christian values ​​whilst respecting religious and cultural diversity. We help every student to fulfil their maximum intellectual potential, in conjunction with an understanding and appreciation of human virtues like sincerity, industriousness, kindness, respect, integrity and a focus on peaceful and tolerant coexistence. We work closely with families to create a warm and supportive learning environment, and we firmly believe that the best foundation for educational progress is laid when the values and objectives of the school, the family and the student coincide.

Our fifth core principle is that our curricular model is based upon the British National Curriculum. The British curriculum provides a highly-renowned, well-designed framework for learning and promotes an innovative, fun, practical, creative, interactive and motivating approach. The British Curriculum is officially recognised in Spain and provides access to universities throughout Europe and the USA. The fact that St. George’s English School is the only school in Bizkaia that fully incorporates the British curriculum, along with the fact that we were founded by a native Briton, has led to St. George’s becoming known as “the English School of Bilbao”.

The British Curriculum

From Early Years to the end of the Primary stage teaching at St. George’s English School is based upon the prestigious British Curriculum. The curriculum encourages a practical, creative, stimulating and interactive approach to learning and is highly-regarded throughout Spain and the rest of the world as an excellent framework for a broad, balanced and comprehensive education.

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Educational Excellence

Educational Excellence involves adopting the best and most innovative teaching methodologies and facilitating a constant process of development and improvement, to ensure that the academic and personal potential of every student is realised. We rely on excellent teaching staff, great facilities and resources, and employ new technologies and innovative teaching practices to ensure that we bring out the best in every pupil.

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Global Readiness

Full immersion in the English language from an early age ensures that pupils at St. George’s quickly become confident and fluent English speakers. Our international vision is facilitated by native teaching staff, full immersion in the English language, access to official language qualifications and, thanks to our membership of the Globeducate group, participation in a wide range of international events and activities.

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More than just a School

Music, creative arts and sport form an integral and important part of our mainstream curriculum and help us to ensure the all-round development of every student. In addition to the knowledge and skills acquired when learning these subjects, they also promote skills such as abstract reasoning, self-discipline, self-expression, determination and teamwork.

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A Values-based Education

The philosophy at St. George’s English School is based upon a set of essentially Christian values, ​​whilst respecting each individual’s religious and cultural freedoms. We encourage every pupil to maximise their academic and intellectual potential, whilst simultaneously developing an awareness of the importance of values such as sincerity, kindness, respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

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