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Encouraging a desire to learn is one of the cornerstones of our educational programme and is instilled in our pupils by the attitude adopted by the teachers themselves. Our teachers act as guides and mentors for our students, not only academically, but also by reinforcing a set of values and an approach to life that is positive, focussed and always striving to “be the best that you can be”. Therefore, we feel it is extremely important to provide our teachers with opportunities to continually update and improve their own skills, knowledge and teaching techniques. This approach ensures that our entire school community remains at the forefront of educational theory and practice, enabling us to support every student’s journey towards personal, academic and professional success.

A great team!

All schools belonging to the Globeducate group encourage their teachers to immerse themselves in an active and continuous learning process. To help to achieve this goal Globeducate provides regular workshops and training sessions that are designed to improve knowledge and understanding in areas such as Emotional Intelligence, New Technologies or Assertive Discipline. All the staff at St. George’s English School recently participated in a workshop entitled “Impact in the Classroom”, which was intended to provide teachers with additional tools and strategies for efficient and effective learning.

To facilitate this ongoing process of teaching and learning, Globeducate Schools have also introduced a scheme entitled “Learning Coaches”, whereby teachers receive training in educational coaching techniques in order to support and encourage other members of staff in their professional development and advancement. Progress and performance throughout Globeducate schools are monitored and optimised using a quality control system designed by Globeducate called Globeducate Platinum Standard, which provides every school with a systematic framework for support, evaluation, development, and improvement.

Professional Development

Along with all schools belonging to the Globeducate group, St. George’s English School organises regular training sessions for our teachers. Last year, all staff participated in a training workshop entitled “Impact on Learning”, which provided an opportunity for teachers to share practical strategies that are scientifically proven to impact positively on student learning. Topics included; The Role of Questions, Motivation and Challenge in the classroom, Systematic Checking of Student Progress and The Importance of Feedback. This type of event provides a constructive and effective learning opportunity for our teachers, enabling them to make an immediate and positive difference to their pupils’ educational experience.


Learning Coaches

As part of Globeducate’ commitment to Educational Excellence, in 2017 Globeducate launched the Learning Coaches initiative throughout all their schools. This scheme allows teachers from schools belonging to the Globeducate group to train as Educational Coaches, with a view to supporting and guiding their colleagues as they seek to achieve professional excellence. Teaching is a vocation and our teachers are passionate about their work and, to build upon this foundation, we offer our staff the opportunity to continually improve their teaching skills, ensuring that our entire educational community, teaching staff, management, support staff and pupils, are learning and moving forward.


Continual Improvement - the Globeducate Platinum Standard

To facilitate continual improvement and ensure that all Globeducate schools conform to the same high standards of performance and educational excellence, the Globeducate group devised a quality control programme known as The Globeducate Platinum Standard. The Platinum Standard provides a framework that enables every school to assess the quality of the education that they offer in line with best educational practice from around the world. It is a comprehensive scheme that is structured using a set of quality control indicators that enable evaluation and improvement in key areas such as Effective Leadership, Quality of Education and Pupil Progress and Welfare.

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