Technological Innovation

In today’s world a competent grasp of technology is an essential skill for success in many walks of life and thus we aim to ensure that our students are well prepared for the technological challenges that lie ahead. Technology play a fundamental role in the life of the school and offers multiple benefits as a tool for both teaching and learning. Activities such as coding help to develop specific and transferable skills including problem-solving, creative-thinking and intellectual autonomy. New technologies provide us with a wealth of resources to help our students to become technologically competent and prepared for the digital challenges posed by today’s working environments.

Computer Science

Technology plays an important role in the curriculum at St. George’s English School Bilbao from Early Years onwards, and skills such as programming and coding are introduced early to ensure that our students become familiar with, and confident using, a range of different technologies with different applications. We help our students to see the infinite possibilities offered by technology and provide them with the skills that they will need to stand out in the working world of the future.


Creative Technology

At St. George’s English School our aim is to help our students to see the creative possibilities of technology and we provide pupils with numerous opportunities to use technology as a vehicle for creative development. For example, Robotics is an extracurricular activity during which students learn how to program robots to perform simple tasks, improving students’ scientific and technical knowledge and understanding, whilst simultaneously encouraging them to think creatively, make decisions and solve problems.


iPads in the classroom

Our decision to incorporate the use of iPads into the classroom has enabled us to offer a wide range of tools and resources designed to improve our students’ learning experience. Technology at St. George’s is carefully integrated into the academic programme, and using individual iPads helps our pupils to take control of the way in which they learn, and to work more effectively both individually and collaboratively. We teach students how to use these technologies responsibly, and find that pupils quickly develop greater technological confidence, take more initiative in their learning and research, and become more intellectually curious, interested and creative. The effective use of iPads in the classroom helps to ensure continuous and dynamic interaction amongst pupils, teaching professionals, parents and the wider educational community.


ICT, Coding and Robotics: taking technology one step further

A fascinating subject area that provides endless cognitive, practical and intrinsic benefit and opportunities. For example, students can learn about every stage of the robotics process, including assembly of the hardware, the function and installation of sensors and motors, software programming and much more besides. Classes are taught in English and involve practical and interactive tasks conducted using everyday computer tools as well as contemporary educational robots. These activities support one of our overall goals, which is to improve our students’ access to CSTEM skills (Creativity, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Greenpower UK

Greenpower UK is an extracurricular subject driven by a global project instigated in the United Kingdom called the «Greenpower Education Trust». The Greenpower UK model seeks to encourage young people to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering (Arts) and Mathematics (STE(A)M subjects), with a view to increasing the number of young people who choose to pursue careers in technical fields. The project provides a framework for teams to design, develop and assemble electric cars, which they can then enter into open races against other groups participating in the scheme. It is a fun, competitive and intellectually challenging activity and pupils and teachers alike greatly enjoy the excitement and stimulation of being part of this global challenge.


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